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If you cant figure out SC_trans...

The other option is edcast /w winamp. Made by oddsock and its free. I love oddsocks stuff. About as easy to setup /w winamp as the shoutcast DSP. I DO NOT recommend their transcoder, even I am having issues eith it.

Heres how to get it, and get it streaming in MP3

First step: Go to,

Step 2: select the winamp plugin. and download this.

Step3: Go along with the installation, and install these files ESPECIALLY MP3 LAME. Better to have them than not. DO NOT worry about AAC encoders for now.

Step 4: During the installation, its going to redirect you to a site. Select mp3 bundles.

Then select this packet. Download it.

Step 5: open up that file you just downloaded, and take out this file.

Step 6: Where ever winamp is in your computer, drop this file in it.

Step 7: Start up winamp and drop this bar down to select preferences

Step 8: Select DSP on the leftside, and double click edcast.

Now you just need the encoder settings. If you transferred your Mp3 Lame Codec properly, you should see " MP3 Lame" as an option when you select "add encoder" as a file type.

Keep in mind your using Shoutcast servers, so leave the mountpoint blank. 89.1 FM San Diego

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