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So, let me answer a few things...

1. > Is in Development; you can still use skins...though, I am not at present supporting new or updating skins.

2. > About/Contact - You can contact me from the main page of the site. This always works or through my profile.

3. > Advertising - We are changing this model; I am not supporting outside ads soon. All advertisements will be removed from I only ask for a donation on downloads (coming).

4. Skins > I will from time to time make a winamp skin/wmc skin. I will not and nor will I accept payment for a skin (though, you can donate to 1001skins to keep it alive).

5. Collaboration > I will always and eagerly accept collaboration requests on skins. Be prepared to work truly with me. I will as I have in the past push, push, push...until a release is made. I have been known to continue on where others drop off.

6. Make a Skin > I sometime will offer my support in favor of a skin you want or request. If I choose to do it; it is always in my time and if I feel it should be published will provide it with the following notes: (I will publish it on 1001skins, deviantart,

7. All my skins > Are rippable (period); I do not make skins because, I believe I'm an 'ARTIST' I make them because, I like them and will continue to make them as long as I use winamp.

8. 1001skins > Taking to long. Well, honestly I get nothing for; I have no team of people working on it and no outside parties involved; I footed the bill for hosting thousands of skins, with millions of views/downloads, and limited ads (soon gone). The site is hosted utilizing cloudflare and a Windows VPS Server. (Which on linux or windows is constantly under DDOS/SYN Flood Attack).

9. If I do not reply to you directly, then I apologize I'm a busy guy.

10. Thank you ....

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