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And I myself have to make my preset pack versions 100% perfect...

Okay, I had planned to make some updates on Mediafire today, now I will do that tomorrow. Especially into my big ultra-pack 1 more preset will come, then these will be 51366 presets. Also I will update my other packs which contain presets with the original filenames incl. typos and packs where the typos had been edited by me, mostly different selections. I will exclude especially the very ugly presets from my own Winamps.

I will wait for the official Winamp 5.8, and I hope, that at least the other users on this planet will see the new Winamp Version some day. I don't like what many other people say in the other thread "Winamp News", that Winamp would be dead or die and would not have a comeback...

Forgot the link to the latest page of the other thread...

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