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Thanks for the replies guys, glad that v14 is an improvement, Klare . At this rate there might end up being a v20 after all, lol .

I made some edits to v14a to try to get it looking as good as it could at 60fps, and so there is still some attempt at fps normalization in the warp shader. Moved most of the per-vertex code to per-frame, thanks for the pro-tip, Martin! Also took a look under the hood with the comp shader made basic and made a couple of edits in the warp shader based on what I saw there, and the preset looks better now .

If my interest renews in preset authoring and if I can wrap my head around Martin's edits I might release a v15 (thanks for the code, Martin!). Again, I hope this latest version is considered in winamp 5.8. Cheers !
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