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Because my old PC died, I got a new one with windows 10. There are quite a few things I do not like about it, particularly the tiles shite, but I must say that winamp and milkdrop run without problems. On Windows 7 with DirectX 10 or 11, it was necessary to additionally install DirectX 9 to get milkdrop running; this is not necessary on Windows 10 with DirectX 12.

Yes, the mashup key "A" is likely to crash milkdrop under all windows versions. Better don't use it. On my new Windows 10 PC, the crash happens more often than under XP.

And yes, there are (minor) issues with ATI video cards. They are all related to what in milkdrop is called shader version 4 and which allows the compiled code to use 1024 instructions instead of 512. I used this for a few presets such as "blue haze" and it does not work on ATI cards. I think it is not an ATI problem but rather a bug in milkdrop. The problem is easy to avoid - do not shader version 4.

So don't be afraid of windows 10, it can run winamp, and it boots really fast. I should mention that the milkdrop desktop mode does not work for me, and the desktop icons are invisible. I can live with that.
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