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Originally Posted by Sabine Klare View Post
Hello Hakan,

I have read, that Winamp can crash, if a user tries to make a random mashup and hits "A" on the keyboard. And it can happen also while a new preset is created. Of course the graphic drivers should be up to date, but these issues are related also to Milkdrop itself, and they didn't have been solved yet. I had my experiences with the first "resonant twister" and You had Your experiences with the first "blue haze". Winamp had crashed on all our computers.
Hi all,

I have to admit that I used the key A many times on the keyboard until 3 or 4 years ago. Even so, what I mean was different because I never use the A key now. When I write and try my own works, Winamp suddenly can crash. Also, sometimes it goes haywire and give strange reactions. The .milk files that normally run smoothly and properly can give different and corrupted responses. I have also encountered similar situations in the workings of different people.

@FumblingFoo I think, you should improve warp and composite shader codes, if you want it to look more effective. Also, v14 series was better than v15.
I think, you should add "Unchained's codes" only to your new preset Star Nova. You should think more different things for Star Forge.
Of course, these are my ideas. You will decide.

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