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I was in your shoes about 2 years ago.

The company I work for, used to rely soley on InstallShield Professional to deploy our products, but it was causing so many problems for both developers and end users, and had some nasty bugs, I was tasked to look for solutions.

After looking at the alternatives, I put together a case to move all our installs over to NSIS. (at the time v2.0beta).

Since that day, we have not looked back. Creating installs for developers is now a walk in the park (90% automated), our products have a professional look, are small and efficienct, and best of all bug-free.

NSIS gives you nothing for free, this is it's biggest asset, it ONLY does what you code, nothing else. It's plug-in system is simply awesome. We use a slightly modifed NSIS (to suit particular "roll-back" requirements, and we have developed a plug-in for additional functionaliy our installs require. The only danger, is once your peers see what's possible they may start trying to get NSIS to do crazy stuff. Kick them occasionaly, to keep them inline!!!

The other benefit, we used to have 3 Installshield Pro licences, you would have to bug a fellow developer with a desktop licence, to use their PC to build your install. With NSIS, everyone can build their own installs.

I know that recommending NSIS, you may be sticking your reputation on the line, but I say go for it, we have not looked back, since moving from Installshield to NSIS!, and I got some kudos for being the driving factor..

We are curring rebasing our cusom NSIS on NSIS2.14, and as expected, things are working perfectly.

Some developers in our company still find it hard to believe that an Open Source and free (as in beer) product can out-class the industry leading software package, but it's true. The only reason InstallShield is still the industry leader, is people have invested time and effort into getting stuff to work, and are too afraid to change.

Good Luck.
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