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How to make Winamp play WMV files.

I have a problem playing WMV files.

I have reinstalled a fresh Windows ME last weekend and installed Winamp before i set up my internet connection. So the checkbox "Download and install codecs" in the installer was useless to me.

Now I find that Winamp won't play WMV files, it crashes when trying to do so. Now I've installed "K-Lite mega codec pack", what made Winamp play all the other formats like DivX, XVid, MP4, MOV and so on very fine.

But only WMV won't play. Note: I checked the option "Install Windows Media 9 VCM" in the K-Lite MegaCodec Pack installer. So I suppose it's installed...?

Okay, now Winamp tries to play WMV through the in_wm Plugin. What I did now was to add ";WMV" to the in_dshow extension list because I thought it would then use the newly installed WM9 codec that shipped with the KLite Codecpack. But somehow Winamp still tries to play these files through in_wm, anyway it will not crash in this case. It just won't play.

Remark that the audio is played correctly, I just do not see the picture.

So my question to you:

(1) What can I do?

(2) Is there an option to re-invoke the steps that are normally taken by activating the checkbox "Download and install..." in the Winamp installer without reinstalling Winamp?

(3) Do I have to install some other Microsoft WM runtime? Note that the whole thing must run under Windows ME!

(4) If yes to (3), where can I download it? I do not want to install Windows Media Player 9 or 10! (currently I have Version 7, that came along with that original Windows ME installation!)

It would be very kind of you if someone could answer (at least some of) my questions!

Thank you very much guys!!!

Best regards,
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