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Huhuhuhuhhuhuhhuhuh. $15/hr, I fucking wish.
$9, no med or dental.

But I did just get bumped up to full time, so I get a whole other two quarters, and three months from now I get some benefits.
Which will probably cut me down even more to like, $7 when everything is said and done.
I'm in Winnipeg, now, not Victoria, and they pay us less here.

*Beavis laugh* I just got an awesome prank call.

Hi, thanks for calling Target, my name is Jamie, how can I help you?



... ... Oh. *Click*

He sounded like, eleven or some shit.

Oh, and:

Hi, thanks for calling Target ClearRX, my name is Jamie, how can I help you?

Yeah I just called the Customer Relations Department, and they were like, in India or something.
... Yeah.
Did you know that?
Yes, ma'am, I was aware of that.
Well, I don't recommend doing that. I'm not going to waste my time with someone who doesn't even speak English. *Click*

Okay, I understand the premise behind this one... I hate getting calls from or calling to somewhere and it's in Uberpakilolisomeuzbewherekistan, but you don't need to be such a flaming cunt about it.

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