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If it was on-the-job posting I only see harm if duties are being neglected. In addition, as you said, getting fired is taking things too far if you ask me. Replacing someone just like that will keep you loaded with rookies that have little to offer the company. It's the difference between worthwhile correction and wasted punishment.

Although she vented, she did nearly nothing to say much negative about her part of the company. Write-up, ok, other disciplinary measures, ok, but to rob someone of their primary or only source of income over something rather benign posted online is little more than an undeserved, immature temper tantrum.

I'm glad I work for a strong union. If I were fired for what I post here, my supervisors would be flattened in the matter of a month or two, and I would not have lost a penny's pay throughout the whole ordeal. This isn't meant to say that I'm empowered to do wrong, but rather I am able to keep disciplinary measures appropriate and fitting to the problem at hand.

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