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Could anybody with an ATI video card please make screenshots of the attached two codes ?

Background is, I need to store a float in high resolution, 12 to 14 bits, for which I use the blue and green colour channel. To ths purpose, PutDist calculates a float2 from a float input, while GetDist reconstructs the float from the float2.

That should be easy, but does not work as expected and I don't know why. Would like to know whether this is machine specific.

The presets just calculate a gray pattern in the warp shader and store it in via PutDist. In the comp shader, the same pattern is calculated and subtracted from the result of GetDist. That should reconstruct the original value. To reveal any imprecision, the result is amplified so we should see a uniform gray screen, but on my Nvidia card this only works properly for version No1, while I see gray stripes with version No2. Unfortunately No2 would be the more efficient code.
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