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i have the same problem, and the fix suggested doesn't work

In the middle of tracks, winamp 2.8 and 3 stop playing music. When this happens, the program does not respond any longer, and no more sound comes out of my system from any program, including winamp. The rest of my machine works fine. When I reboot, the same thing happens. I've defraged and scandisked and all that. I've also installed winamp 2.8 three separate times and tried 3 once, and the problem keeps reappearing. Nothing seems to help. The tracks I'm trying to play are fine and are not corrupted; I've played them on other (networked) machines using winamp 2.8. The other machines were running win98, and I'm running win2k. Please help me to avoid having to resort to Bill's media player or that realplayer crap. loyally, ew1
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