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You missed out 3 very important aspects of your sys specs:
Soundcard, videocard, DirectX version.
Apart from the mention of "Compaq", all your other specs seem fine.

System Control Panel -> Device Manager
Soundcard/device should be listed under "Sound....Controllers"
Video/Graphics device should be listed under "Display Adapter"

If Compaq is anything to go by, I've a sneaky feeling you've just got onboard sound & video chips, and not proper PCI/AGP cards.

Again, check the manufacturers' site(s) for updated drivers/codecs.
And please confirm here when you've done so.

DirectX Diagnostic Tool:
Start -> Run -> dxdiag

Version # is listed at bottom of General tab
Also run the various tests in the other tabs, and check to see if any errors are listed anywhere.

Win2k users are recommended to upgrade to DX v8.1
and should also be using DirectSound Output in Winamp (c/o Prefs -> Output)

Please also confirm that you've upgraded to Winamp 2.80a
(uploaded c.30th Apr 2002)

Also confirm that you've tried the Basic Uninstall -> Reinstall procedure.
(note: this relates to wa2 only, not wa3-beta3)

Finally, do you experience similar problems with other players too?
eg. WMP, Real, QT, etc.
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