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Originally posted by Bedeox
(but you could add native support for the extension
umx and break the files to multiple parts
that show up in playlist like that:

Area 51 - Part 1
Area 51 - Part 2

And maybe that "part" word customizable in configuration.)
I thought this was done to death, but apparently nobody gets it yet. Check in the configuration for an option to seek by orders. You'll notice in that mode that the trackbar skips an area near the beginning of the song. Deus Ex keeps all of the starting orders for the multi songs at the beginning of the order list. Also, they organize their own looping songs to deal with multiple notes.

Unfortunately, the way I designed the order seeking does not clear hanging notes. It shouldn't be much of a problem with seeking to the first orders in those Deus Ex modules, though, as they are mostly designed to clear all active channels so the game doesn't have to between switches.

Oh yes. The time seeking system also uses two distinct copies of the module at once. The one that plays actually renders. The second minimal load occurs when you have the info dialog open in the normal time mode. It serves to display render time offset pattern and row information, based the render position returned by the output plugin. So in that mode, you see the pattern/row that you are actually hearing.

I never bothered to construct that mechanism for seek by orders, either, so the info dialog shows the row/pattern currently playing inside the decoder thread.

Also, the time method uses yet another module loading function to briefly load the module and seek through it start to finish, including any pattern jumps. (Unless you configured it to ignore jumps) Along the way, it collects the pattern/row info for every second, which it uses for seeking. As opposed to seek by orders, which throws the whole order list onto the seek bar.

End of current ramble post.

EDIT: Okay, for those that seem to have missed it somewhere, UMX is just an archive format, like all of the other Unreal objects. In the case of UMX, it contains only a single MOD/S3M/XM/IT, or in the case of Deus Ex, exclusively IT, module file.

At the beginning of the module's order list is a range of single orders that start different variations of the file/level's theme. First is usually the ambient theme, with an action theme, death, talking, and leaving the level. also contains the music that plays on the Paris streets level, as well as the apartment building and sewers that precede it.

Hopefully the final end to this long message, and hopefully it isn't so long that nobody decides to read it completely before asking the questions it tries to answer.
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