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ok well a plugin to put the DL in that same window as the ML with a way to select the DL plugin in the side panel would be very good.

Also just trying DL at the moment, and I think it would good if there was an option that would add all items in the listview to the playlist when i dbl click on a song, so the song I dbl clicked plays, but all songs in that listview surrounding it also get added to the playlist.. i guess like ML.. only if I use that same listview to dbl click play another song, then it doesn't add all the same songs from the list view too the playlist.. because it had already been done, so it just jumps to the same song in the playlist but keeping all surrounding song titles.

Is that already possible any option? can it be possible.. its something I think ML should be able to do already but doesn't.. and I often have like 1000s of songs in a search result, but because of the way winamp works it keeps adding all those same songs into the playlist everytime i select a song from the ML.

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