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Yep. Most places it doesn't even need a windshield. It does need windshield wipers and seat belts even if it doesn't have a windshield or seats. It does need a hood and fenders. Doors?... that's probably optional. You must have as many seatbelts as seats if the car originally came with seat belts. Your tires can't be bald.

Lights. Needs one tailight and two brakelights. Headlights and turn signals are optional for day driving. Doesn't need marker lights or backup lights. It needs to stop, go and not create visible smoke. You are allowed a puff of smoke when you start it.... i.e. oil leaking through the valve guides. It can't leak anything on the ground.

Yes indeed. My demolition derby car passed New Jersey vehicle inspection.

I think the laws are more or less federal. Some states write fix-it tickets. Some have vehicle inspection programs. The rules are really close to the same.
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