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I'll try and fix that bug in the next couple days.

I've been contemplating what new features would best help EMPR and it's users to be more productive. I have some concepts and am throwing them out for discussion and/or feedback (directly to me, if you wish).

1) Variable Modulation Types - Adding selection boxes on the variables form that would specify how you wanted EMPR to modulate a variable. Examples of modulation types would be: Increasing (variable starts at some value within the allowable range and then slowly increases), meandering (modulates randomly near the specified range), cyclic (cycles near the range).

2) Range Options - Checkboxes on a per preset or per variable basis to regulate variables: keeping them stricly within specified ranges, keeping them near specified ranges, keeping them within allowable milkdrop defined, no restrictions, etc.

3) Batching - Providing EMPR with source and destination directories and allowing it to load and randomize current presets in specified manners: changing color settings, adustments to function coefficients, adding and/or deleting lines of code, etc

4) Write to 1 Specified File - Specify an exact filename for EMPR to output to. This would allow you to easily reload the file in milkdrop to evaluate EMPR's effect.

5) Anything You Can Think Of - methods for increasing the quality of the randomly generated presets, the quantity of usable presets per run, and giving you more realtime feedback.

6) Renaming For Order - I wrote a program to randomly copies all MILK files from one directory to another and prepends a number to the filename. My motivation for doing this is that I don't trust the "load random preset" functionality of milkdrop to get even file coverage. It seemed like some presets were getting loaded more often than others. This mechanism forces a "shuffle" mode when you load the newly created files in order.

Sorry that got long-winded, but I wanted to cover all my recent thoughts. I have a big show on May 13th, but plan to jump back on EMPR heavily thereafter (for at least a week). So.... get your feature requests in before then and I'll try to get them all programmed. And be ready to nitpick my programming slackness.

Thank God It's Milkdrop,

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