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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
you're assuming that the edits you're making are actually being 'stored' to begin with. really, if you have issues with a plug-in, you need to contact the author (which there used to be one and the plug-in author even posted on here a few times) to try to resolve those issues (is pretty much nothing that can be done from the Winamp side with 3rd party plug-ins).

I don't have any suggestions for an alternative for what you want, as all of the lyrics plug-ins I personally found were flawed or just never worked all that well to begin with.
The Lyrics Plugin website doesn't give any e-mail to contact the authors. Just the download links and ToS.

My idea is that the plugin should download the lyrics (from any website they consider appropiate) in a .txt (or .lrc) file in our drives, and from then, any correction we make would affect that proper file in the computer (not the one hosted in the website) so we are entitled to edit them the way we like without necessarily annoying anyone else anymore. Sadly, somebody is screwing up the lyrics of that plug-in and doesn't let anybody to correct him/her. What surprises me is that this person is so devoted to that particular style to such a point where any correction doesn't last more than five minutes and, in response, he uses the plugin to insult whoever dared to correct him (with good faith in most of the cases, I pressume).

But you're right, I guess I should do something to get the e-mails of whoever programmed the plug-in.

Originally Posted by 3kwartappel View Post
Hi AndSalx95

You can try out the online services listed here :

It gets the lyrics from reputable sites, and allows for them to be editable.
I try to keep bots / spammers at bay, so hopefully lyrics should not be messed up.

Thank you, I tried it and the lyrics are fine. Is there any way I can have it on a separate window? I mean, in one window, the main player and in the other, the lyrics. Just like any other plug-in.
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