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Display radio song title

When I listen to Internet radio I can't get the song title to display.

The Winamp browser shows "Music File Identification Error".
I tried the suggestion of pressing alt 3 to set the tagging options but this only displays the stream url and a close button. No flag is displayed.

Under plug-ins input I checked that the nullsoft MPEG audio decoder's title settings is set to use v1/v2 flags and formatting shows %1 - %2 (title/artist). (this was a suggestion from another post).

When I copy the radio url to my Web browser I can see the song title so I guess it is transmitting properly. At the moment I just refresh the browser when I hear something good but there has to be a better way of doing this.

The "now playing" tab in the winamp browser doesn't show the title either.

Winamp 2.78c
radio url:

Thanks for any help.


PS: This is a "newbie" request so apologies in advance for missing something simple. Brilliant program - wish I'd found it 5 years ago.

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