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You can only edit id3 tags by using Alt+3 for MP3 files on your own hard drive.
You cannot edit the id3 tags of someone else's mp3 files or m3u/pls playlists that you are listening to via internet streams.

This is not a bug, it's the way that it is!

However, there clearly is a problem with this particular radio station where streaming titles are concerned, basically because like you say, currently none are being displayed.

The station title appears in the main winamp window & playlist ok:
808 Live Reggae - Celebrating over 2 years of reggae music online - live performances and DJ's - Dancehall Roots Rock Reggae

but that's as far as it goes.

If you're not happy with this, then I suggest you contact the station directly and form a complaint with them. There is nothing that we or winamp can do about this, it is something to do with the way they have (incorrectly) configured their shoutcast stream.


Also check other stations and make sure they are streaming the titles correctly.
Also make sure "enable shoutcast title streaming" and "include stream name in title" are checkmarked in the MPEG Audio Decoder config -> streaming tab.

However, I doubt if even this will fix the problem with this particular station. That's something only the station themselves can fix.

All other stations are streaming the titles perfectly ok for me, except for this one.

Hope this helps
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