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Disable automatic detection of USB-Sticks, external HDD, etc.

Hello everybody,

tried out the current WinAMP and decided to check if I like the library-function of winamp is by now to my liking (I have rather a tendency to prefer ... simple tools, that do few things but do them well, as they - in most cases - least force me to do things the way the developer does. I'm kind of an oddball in that regard).

Well, I guess it is ok.
Makes switching Playlists a bit faster.
I can live with that.

What greatly annoys me now, however, is that whenever I plug in external storage of any kind via USB (even my EBook-Reader for christ's sake!) it asks me whether I want to check it for any and all music there which might make a nice addition to my Library (which barely holds my playlists and little else so far. I do like to take things slowly, step by step and all that). I've searched all the options-menus I could find, tried several internet searches (Google, bing, Winamp help, winamp Forum, ...) and am still left with that bug (not a programm bug - a feature that "bugs" me ).

Anybody out there willing and able to help me with that?

Thanks in advance,

System: Windows 7 x64 Professional
Winamp: 5.601
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