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DJ Iboga: from what you've posted, i assume you're using Vista with UAC enabled? if so then there is a known issue where the DNAS fails to update the config file path if it's a) not able to use the file specified and b) if it's already using %temp%\sc_serv.log and it incorrectly tries to re-create it.

i say that as you're showing as using c:/program files/shoutcast/logs/ which isn't valid and needs to be more like c:/program files/shoutcast/logs/sc_serv.log (note the underlined part) and most likely you don't have write permissions for that folder anyway. as such it's in the trying to use %temp%\sc_serv.log twice and crashes.

is fixed internally, but the simplest way is to either a) move the SHOUTcast folder out of the program files directory to somewhere without UAC write permission issues or b) just change the logfile entry to specify a folder and filename which can be freely written to or just remove it and allow it to just use the default of %temp%\sc_serv.log.

thinktink: have made a note though as the path handling for the next drop (if it ever makes it out) improves the path conversion between the OS variants, i'm not sure if there is much point. plus the more native setup mode will mean the DNAS creates the correct path style at the time of creation (which is all defaulted to work as relative paths to the install folder anyway).

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