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Official Winamp Bento Color Themes Thread

This thread has two purposes:

1. You can download additional Color Themes for the Winamp Bento Skin (Modern Skin).
2. You can post your own Color Themes.

Color Themes are a set of special text files that determine the look of Winamp skins. Each element is displayed in the appropriate color. This text files are written as XML documents. Installer available here contains a set of Color Themes.

There is also a special tool that allows users to create their own Color Themes. It is called Winamp Color Editor. Thanks to this it is very simple and easy to do.

1. Downloading additional Color Themes

You can download special installer that allows you to install plenty of different Color Themes created by You and shared with us in this thread. It also allows to install Winamp Color Editor.

Installer contains:
• Color Themes for Winamp Bento / Big Bento Skins
• Color Themes for Winamp Modern Skin
• Winamp 5 Color Editor

You can download it directly using below link:
Winamp Color Themes Installer

Installation process is very easy and intuitive. Installer contains also Color Themes for Modern Skin. It contains also Winamp Color Editor. You can find more informations here.

After having finished you should start Winamp with Bento (or Big Bento) as active skin. If Winamp is already running hit F5 if Bento is active otherwise select Bento as your active skin.
You can access the new Color Themes in the same list as the default ones are implemented.
Have fun with them and check this thread for new Themes from time to time.

Installer translation:
You can help and do a translation of Color Themes Installer.

:: Current translators:
- Polish: Paweł Porwisz
- German: Christoph Grether
- Portugal (Brasil): Anderson Silva
- Japanese: Toshiya Matsuo
- Russian: Alexander Nureyev
- Romanian: Cătălin Zamfirescu
- French: Benoit Hervier
- Turkish: Ali Sarıoğlu

Here are the newest files needed to translation:
Translation file: Lang_en-us
License file: License_en-us

Thanks for help!

2. Posting own Color Themes

As it was mentioned earlier, in order to create Color Themes you should download Winamp Color Editor and start to edit / create themes with it (color themes installer now contains Color Editor (v2.2.1)).
Do not forget to click 'Save Themes' when you close Winamp or refresh the skin.
To submit your themes click the 'Export' button and post the new theme(s)code as quote/php in this thread.

PHP Code:
gammaset id="*Default">
gammagroup id="Titlebar" value="0,0,0" gray="0" boost="0" />
gammagroup id="TitlebarText" value="0,0,0" gray="0" boost="0" />
gammagroup id="TitlebarMenuText" value="0,0,0" gray="0" boost="0" />
gammagroup id="TitleButtonOrange" value="0,0,0" gray="0" boost="0" />
gammagroup id="TitleButtonGrey" value="0,0,0" gray="0" boost="0" />
gammagroup id="WindowBackground" value="0,0,0" gray="0" boost="0" />
gammagroup id="WindowText" value="0,0,0" gray="0" boost="0" />
gammagroup id="Column Text" value="0,0,0" gray="0" boost="0" />
gammagroup id="DisplayText" value="0,0,0" gray="0" boost="0" />
gammagroup id="ScrollbarTrack" value="0,0,0" gray="0" boost="0" />
gammagroup id="PlayerDisplay" value="0,0,0" gray="0" boost="0" />
gammagroup id="PlayerDisplayGradient" value="0,0,0" gray="0" boost="0" />
gammagroup id="ComponentFrame" value="0,0,0" gray="0" boost="0" />
gammagroup id="PlayerButton" value="0,0,0" gray="0" boost="0" />
gammagroup id="PlayerShadeSlider" value="0,0,0" gray="0" boost="0" />
gammagroup id="PlayerButtonPlaceHolder" value="0,0,0" gray="0" boost="0" />
gammagroup id="PlayerButtonGlow" value="0,0,0" gray="0" boost="0" />
gammagroup id="PlayerButtonActive" value="0,0,0" gray="0" boost="0" />
gammagroup id="PlayerSliderLight" value="0,0,0" gray="0" boost="0" />
gammagroup id="PlayerSliderBackground" value="0,0,0" gray="0" boost="0" />
gammagroup id="WindowBackgroundGradient" value="0,0,0" gray="0" boost="0" />
gammagroup id="CompButtonInactive" value="0,0,0" gray="0" boost="0" />
gammagroup id="CompButtonActive" value="0,0,0" gray="0" boost="0" />
gammagroup id="CompButtonInactiveText" value="0,0,0" gray="0" boost="0" />
gammagroup id="CompButtonActiveText" value="0,0,0" gray="0" boost="0" />
gammagroup id="SelectionBg" value="0,0,0" gray="0" boost="0" />
gammagroup id="SelectionBg Inactive" value="0,0,0" gray="0" boost="0" />
gammagroup id="Selection" value="0,0,0" gray="0" boost="0" />
gammagroup id="LightningBolt" value="0,0,0" gray="0" boost="0" />
gammagroup id="Column" value="0,0,0" gray="0" boost="0" />
gammagroup id="ShadeButton" value="0,0,0" gray="0" boost="0" />
gammagroup id="NotifierBackground" value="0,0,0" gray="0" boost="0" />
gammagroup id="NotifierText" value="0,0,0" gray="0" boost="0" />
gammagroup id="NotifierTextShadow" value="0,0,0" gray="0" boost="0" />
gammagroup id="NotifierUpperTextShadow" value="0,0,0" gray="0" boost="0" />
gammagroup id="NotifierUpperText" value="0,0,0" gray="0" boost="0" />
gammagroup id="Frame_Borders" value="829,-192,-804" gray="0" boost="0" />
If you like you can also add some sample images.

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