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You have 2 ways to do (each does different things):

1 - Modify LISTS fonts:
- Clic on a list (ie playlist)
- Press ctrl. and "+" or "-" to increase and decrease text size.

2 - Modify OTHER fonts you see on a skin:
- Go to Preferences -> Skins -> Modern Skins -> Font rendering: Make sure "Use skin font mapper" is on.
- There, go to Preferences -> Skins -> Modern Skins -> Font rendering -> Configure skin font mapping.
- There, in "Map font" (bottom/left) you can choose which font of the specific skin (of all skins) should be change for which other and at which size ("Into:"). Play a little with it, the first names on the list are the different fonts used in the skin (ie in bento, player.bitmap.nums changes the track´s time -at top / left-). With "New" you add a new parameter and with "set" you modify the selected one.

Tell me how it went.
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