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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
the api_queue.h in that plug-in .. should generally work for what you're trying to achieve.
I did some experiments, and indeed (technically) it seems to work.

Unfortunately I couldn't catch the idea of that plugin. I suspect it subclasses WA's WndPrc in order to catch the event when to choose the next track. But obviously that's not right, and that's why I asked the question: From where I get the event to switch to the next track?

Originally Posted by DrO View Post
i have an api_queue example project but i'm in the process of bringing up to date (and to have it included in an official sdk update) so it'll be a week or two before i can provide something that doesn't cause me more work to do (as i'm juggling a load of other projects at the same time which isn't ideal).
That would be great! Many thanks in advance!
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