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Here are my metadata pattern:

displaymetadatapattern=%R[ - ]%A[ - ]%N
Docu says:
usemetadata - use in-file metadata - Default = 1
So if i understand right with this option SC_Trans should use id3tag from file as metadata and all files are tagged.

There is no otion in my config using */%TIT2.* as value.

I guess its a problem with the data returned from the random script cause it only returns 1 filename, but Docu say:
The script run in this case should return the entry in the playlist to run at this point.
The script will also be passed an integer parameter indicating how many tracks ahead
must also be returned. If you return these extra tracks as well, then the information will
be used in YP2 to refine searching and establish a "coming soon" track.
I think the errormessage appears cause sc_trans try to get informations about the next track comming up cause thers no integervalue returned by the random script.
I have searched for information on how to return the song and the integer but didnt found any informations about it.
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