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partial logs do make it easy to determine issues (if that's what you're stating is happening) or what version you have gone from to. though in the case of the timeouts, nothing has been changed with them and basically if a slave relay is connected, it is treated as a listener connection since that is all it is (other than having a different name).

so if there are issues, you need to enable the debug logging options (ideally anything stream and relay related) and provide us with said log when issues happen so a) we can look into it and b) determine if there is a legitimate issue or not. as without such information, we cannot fix what we cannot replicate (assuming it is a DNAS issue and not something else on the setup as has been seen in a number of cases).

and with the listenertime case, other than setting it to 0 and manually booting connections, there is no other functionality in the DNAS to keep relay connections alive but ignore other clients (which applies to all DNAS releases) and would need an additional option added to a newer 2.x release to achieve such behaviour.
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