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Help with getting installer/uninstaller to wait for an external program

I am trying to get my NSIS installer/uninstaller to wait for an external program called by the installer to complete. I have tried ExecWait as well as ExecDos and the ExecWaitJob macro, and whatever I try, the installer will not wait (or in the case of the ExecWaitJob macro either doesn't wait or freezes before calling the external program). I have tried directly running the executable I need to run, as well as running it via a batch file. With the batch file, I made sure to start the file with @Echo off, and end with cls per instructions in the wiki. I also tried dumping the EXE's output to a file, since it does print messags, and no luck. The main problem is on the uninstall, as files I need for the external program get deleted before the program can run. I suspect the external program is the culprit, but I can't modify it. Any suggestions to get around this with NSIS? Thanks.

The batch file is just:
@echo off

Or I've tried:
@echo off
start /wait [program.exe]. (both with and without /b switch)
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