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The last part of the ExecWaitJob code is: !insertmacro ExecWaitJob r8. I guess I didn't get it copied with the rest. Anywa,y I did some more checking, and using ExecWait to call the cmd file does run the file. I added a line to the cmd file, and it appears to be running from a temp directory even though I am explicitly calling the file in the install folder. I added the line SetOutPath $INSTDIR, and now, the ExecWait '"c:\program files\meadowlark optics\usbdriver\driveruninst64.cmd"' is working and is calling the exe file properly. Odd that the ExecWaiJob explicitly calling the exe file didn't work, though. However, I have several lines of code to delete files that apparently are not working properly. I'll make an new thread for that.
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