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Some version history might be useful:

Winamp 5.0rc8 11/19/03:
* modern skin updates
- fixed config menu radiobuttons turning off when clicked again
- fixed unreadable selected list item text color in 2 gamma groups
- fixed theme list using slightly different colors than ml lists
- fixed taskbar move syscommand bringing up wa2 main window
* updated avs, faster evallib. makes eval heavy presets superfaster.
* made cd ripping unlock drive and cleanup on exit in middle of rip

Winamp 5.0rc7 11/18/03:
* fixed metrics dialog parenting
* fixed avs Nbuffer stuff, exposed Nbuffers via API (woo hope no more crashy)
* fixed avs memory leak

Winamp 5.0rc6 11/18/03:
* fixed gen_ml view restoring when "do not load library at startup" checked
* fixed another avs dmove bug

Winamp 5.0rc5 11/18/03:
* made reginfo stored in the registry instead of winamp.ini
* added Ctrl+H to keyboard shortcut list in about

Winamp 5.0rc4 11/18/03:
* fixed drag&drop to main window when AVS is docked
* more advanced title logic tweaks
* fixed error in keyboard shortcuts list in about box

Winamp 5.0rc3 11/18/03:
* updated hotkeys to be tabable
* updated advanced title logic to fix a few issues
* fixed issue when modern skin or gen_ff not found
* fixed modern skin about box when in classic skins
* updated to latest AOD (complete with good uninstall support)
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