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Bravo on another great release. I must say, I am impressed with the 'smart playlist' options, and I'm glad to have a rating system (even if some people don't like it), and I like having play counts. I have one small suggestion about the play counts however, make a song count when it gets to the -end- of a song, rather than when it starts up. Reason being, if a song pops up that I'm not in the mood to listen to, and I hit next, I'd rather it not increment the count, because I didn't actually listen to it.

Actually, I notice that playcounts don't actually update automatically in the library, but you have to switch off of audio to something else, then back, for it to update. Again, small nit.

That aside, I'm eager to see what the full release will be like! I'm still doing comparisons between Winamp5 and iTunes, and deciding which I like better. Honestly, if someone came out with a plugin to access iTunes shares, I'd probably switch to Winamp5!
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