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+ wow, they managed to include the manifest file (so much effort for sure, but it was soo worth the outcome )
+ ML is sooo great
+ Notificator is great
+ now the playlist can match the main window in vertical size when I turn off the menues in the default skin.
+ they magically solved the "buffer not reset problem" with crossfading
- rrrrrrrr, lightning bolt still linked to "About" in WA 2 skins
- sigh, they display the Pro registration entry in preferences even in the light distribution
-arrgh, they display the cd ripping entry in preferences although no in_cdda plugin and no ripping/burning support is installed
- still no "fade in" with crossfading
- still skin colour (own WA3 Baseskin PL) and winshade issues (eg Fusion for WA3 PL)

conclusion: a bit disappointed by the commercial touch that even the "lite" distribution has. I had prayed that they would release a commercial pro distribution that can be activated, and a standard and lite distribution without any reference to the whole commercial stuff.

EDIT: before you have to teach me:
- I know that most skins will have to be updated for winamp 5
- I know that the lightning bolt behaviour can be changed manually
- I know that I can turn on fade in times manually

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