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Originally posted by dougieha
Did that make sense?
Try again

You only need to purchase Pro if you want full speed ripping & burning, including mp3 ripping. These are the features which Nullsoft needs to pay a licence for on a per-copy basis. Otherwise, all other features are 100% free.
If you do purchase Pro, then (I assume) the licence will be valid for all 5.x updates (I can't say any more/further than that, because it's unknown... to me anyway).
Note, there's also a 100% free Lite version - available NOW, and I assume there'll also eventually be a 100% free "Standard" version.
Of course, you can pay for Pro, even it's just to show your appreciation to/support Nullsoft

btw, have you tried playing with the Opacity / Hover settings in:
Prefs > Modern Skins -> Alpha Blending ?

I assume those things will be fixed in the Lite version.
Alas, I didn't personally test it, but I know others did.

btw, probably a silly question, but was it a clean install of Lite?
(ie. you didn't install it on top of Pro)
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