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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
just to chip in, but really starting of a track shouldn't be causing the volume level to change - and if multiple sound devices are being used, i'd wonder more if there's a driver issue going on. just something to consider as manually bumping the volume up/down really doesn't seem like a proper fix (as i was going to move this to the tech support forum instead of being in here until the posts started appearing).

Yeah, this is not a proper fix, it's a workaround because a proper fix doesn't seem very likely. I'm using "Realtek 3D SoundBack 0.1 beta" which is a Vista app (I have to run it in compatibility mode) made by Realtek a couple of years ago to fix "legacy games" so that they use the 5.1 audio correctly. I've had to add Winamp to this program (which it seems like Realtek are never going to update) just to get Winamp to play properly on the 5.1 without using any of the crap like "Speaker Fill" or one of the environment effects which gives a noticeable deterioration in sound quality.

So this means I am stuck using DirectSound with specific settings - I can't change the driver or output module, I can't turn off acceleration - I'm basically stuck with this exact setup, which is coincidentally the only setup which causes this volume glitch. I'm not 100% sure where the problem is occurring, who to contact, whose bug it is to fix, etc. so this seemed like the most realistic option to me!
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