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Originally Posted by cuddles71 View Post
Ok, I'm testing drop 6, and while it's streaming properly, I've got a few errors in the log, and a few things I'm not clear on.

4. Specific errors that are showing up in the log now:
2010-06-01 01:06:12 W msg:RGAD tag not supported in file /mnt/music/E/Embrace Selegy/Embrace Selegy - Gemini.mp3

It means that the specific mp3 file has a ID3 tag called RGAD which
sc_serv does not support. Don't worry about it.

2010-06-01 01:06:50 W msg:[rgCalc] rename() of /tmp/sct-JTmrNP to /mnt/music/S/Soulfly/Soulfly - Touching the Void.mp3 failed. Trying less safe unlink() and copy()
The replay gain code tries to use the unix rename() function to move the temporary
file back to the original location. rename() is an atomic operation, and guarantees that
you cannot end up with a corrupted mp3 due to crash or failure of the application. rename(), however, will only work if the source and destination are on the same physical volume. If they're not, then the file has to be copied which can result in file corruption if the application should crash mid-copy. In your case, /tmp and /mnt are physically different drives, so rename() cannot be used. Again, it's nothing to be overly concerned about.

2010-06-01 01:11:10 msg:Failure converting filename to metadata Premature end of data (*/%TIT2.*)
The mp3 in question has no metadata and the filepath -> metadata conversion pattern did not work.

2010-06-01 01:24:29 E msg:[ID3V2] Very badly formed data in file /mnt/music/N/Nightwish/Nightwish - Slaying The Dreamer.mp3 Bad frame ID
sc_trans thinks something is very wrong with the ID3 metadata.

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