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Originally Posted by nradisch View Post
The license key information for mp3 is wrong.

Dear Łukasz Górski,

Thank you for ordering from Winamp on May 30, 2010. The following email is a summary of your order. Please use this as your proof of purchase. If you paid by credit card, please look for on your credit card billing statement.

Note: If your order contains download products, you can complete the download by looking up your order using the information and link below. When the order summary appears, click on the Download link next to the product name. If your order contains physical products, you will receive a separate email notification when your products have shipped.

To look up your order, please visit:

Please note: This email message was sent from a notification-only address that cannot accept incoming email. Please do not reply to this message.

Winamp Customer Service

Your Order and Billing Information:
Order Number: 9066337700
Order Date: May 30, 2010


Shipping Address:


Product SKU: 10211972
Product Name: SHOUTcaster Basic Broadcaster License Key
Qty Ordered: 1
Amount: PLN16.40
Digital Rights: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Subtotal: PLN16.40
Shipping: PLN0.00

Tax: PLN2.46
Total: PLN18.86
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