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Try setting playlistdebug=1 in your config file. Perhaps that will provide more information to help diagnose the problem.


Originally Posted by Jenson View Post
so ... sorry for my ugly post ... found the problem with wildcards in playlists. There need always to be a carriage return at the end of each entry in playlist, also for entrys like *.mp3.

BUT now i ran into another problem i couldn't find any solution for up to now.

I included a line in my playlist, where a php script should be called to pull a song from database. The Script returns a full absolute path to the mp3 file.

The script also writes a timestamp to database each time it is called.

If i start sc_trans now, the php scripts are not called and the entys in playlist - file seem to be ignored.

the line in playlist.lst looks like:


#!/usr/bin/php /absolute/path/to/php/script/script.php

I also double checked that the user the sc_trans is running with can run the php scripts. If i su to this user i can call the scripts and i get a full absolute path to an existing mp3 file returned to console. ( at the end with \n\r )

The Mp3 Files are also accessible, if i insert the path with a wildcard (*.mp3) into the playlist and restart sc_trans the songs are streamed to the server.

God... only this one thing left ! After solving this i could finish my project here...

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