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Live DJ Interaction w/ Shoutcast Providers over MP3 streams?

What's up guys. I've been streaming a 24/7 stations with a provider for a while now via AAC. The reason I have to use AAC vs. MP3 is because with SAM Broadcaster, I can easily auto-interrupt the 24/7 streaming playlist with a live broadcast simply by just starting the Encoder (which is set up on the provider to use a AutoDJ port). When it's encoding the 24/7 stream fades out, and the Live DJ stream fades in.... and vice versa.

Having said that, this function is hard to find when using an MP3 Auto DJ. Whereas I have to manually stop the Auto-DJ at my providers end first, then start the SAM Encoder... it's just a pain in the butt...

Question is, are there Shoutcast streaming providers out there that will do this with MP3 streaming? I want to use MP3 over AAC so I can use my custom flash players in my website, plus it seems to be compatible with more mobile devices and app store applications.
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