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i doubt ml_disc has anything to do with the issue if it's seemingly crashing so quickly (and if 5.7 b3392 is being used for testing).

based on what i'd seen from another user (, it's likely related to one of the supporting dlls which are loaded as soon as winamp.exe is started.

so the thing to do so as to get some sort of crash output is to follow the following steps...

First thing is to get ProcDump ( and extract procdump.exe from the archive.

Would suggest making a C:\dumps folder first and then putting procdump.exe in there.

Then do Windows Key + R and enter cmd.exe which should open a command-line window.

Enter cd c:\dumps and press return.

Then enter (or copy+paste should work) procdump.exe -e 1 -f "" -x c:\dumps "C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\winamp.exe" and press return.

That should start procdump and have it start Winamp and hopefully will generate a dmp file in C:\dumps.

If it does, zip up the file and either upload to a file sharing site or if it's only a few 100 KB when compressed, you should be able to attach it a post in this thread.
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