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For now, isn't this what the "Search:" and "Refine:" boxes on the media library's smart-views already do? Although, you do need to know how to format the Winamp queries that the smart-views use. The queries can be simple or complex. Information on how to format queries is on the advanced tab of the smart-views editor.

For example, to list all of the media library's audio files by a particular artist in a particular year; you can switch to the "Audio" media library smart-view and enter ?artist 'an artist name' in the Search: box and ?year 'a particular year' in the Refine: box.

You can even make your own custom smart-views so that you can start with a filtered list of items of your own choosing. For example, make a custom smart-view for all the media library's audio files from a particular decade or of a particular genre. Then enter a particular tag field and value (preceded by a question mark) in that custom smart-view's Search: box and a different tag field and value (preceded by a question mark) in the Refine: box to further narrow down the listing. This method gives you 3 interdependent filters with each filter being as simple or complex as you want to make them.

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