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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
For now, isn't this what the "Search:" and "Refine:" boxes on the media library's smart-views already do?[...]
I have no idea. I've never used the Library and probably never will.

In order to see it, 99.9% of the time I would need to make a double left click on my Winamp docked at the top in "extra slim" mode and the click on the very small Expand Window button. And then how is it suppose to work? I would need to load a playlist via "Load playlist" button? I have one playlist and one playlist only is what need. The M3U8 file for is as follows:

M:\New Music
X:\Even More Music

That playlist is pinned right with Winamp on my Taskbar. That way I get to all of my music with just a single left click on taskbar and then a second left click in a small Tasbar / Winamp menu; no matter what changes I do in those folders. I do not have to generate new playlist after new additions or deletions, because reading whole folder "does that automatically" for me. [I also have pinned to my Winamp icon some technical files, needed for the time when I am editing audio]

Originally Posted by ryerman View Post
The search performed by "Jump to file" searches the Playlist Editor but does not search the Library.
It is all about making a subset of what is already in the active playlist.
And it searches not only file names but also the strings shown in the PE, created by the user-created ATF specification.
I didn't quite realize that, and here's why:

So if that proposition of my were to be implemented, and so that I would see all my ATF in "Jump to file" and not just bare filenames, this would be a nice workaround. Because in my ATF I have TITLE, ARTIST and YEAR displayed, which is almost always all the data I need to make a proper choice
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