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Originally posted by liquidmotion
i notice you left the internet connected.

only the necessities
you must nto be in school
I have a quiz every week in two classes online
I have another class which all we do is presentations with powerpoint.
my sisters all have research projects to do and reports which need online research, beause it costs money for a computer card @ the local library

the internet is a necessity.

...I know I probably don't have too much of a say-so here but, if my family was making 100k a year, i would have one of those 4500 top dollar PC's and i admit i am pretty spoiled but, it is pretty jacked up that you guys are saying its hard to live off of 60k a year and 100k.
as I said earlier, it depeneds on where you live. The only reason we statyed located as long as we did was because we didn't want to uproot the whole family for which was (we hoped) a tempory crisis. Also, I live at home, and if we moved away from campus any further, I would have had to find a dorm to live in, which would add 5K a semester to my college costs.
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