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My words are just said there, here is a copy:
Congratulations to all winners in all categories.
First I wanna say thank you to "judges" giving to my team a medal for AR-7......
Second I wanna know who those people are who judged the WA skins, not in public of course, as a captain of Metaskins team I would like to know with what criteria they "voted" for these results.

I totaly agree with Plague and rpeterclark, and I also have an official statement to make representing myself and I hope my team too.

As Metaskins we won't participate in any other GUIO in the future cause we "knew" from a very well known person in Stardock website(s) some of the results and we didn't paid attention in his warnings and we did participate hoping that his words was not so true (well they are at the end as I see) - no further info about him in any case -.

Now I know we ALL here have different tastes as about the results in 3/4 of the WA categories, BUT how Professionals are those judges to listen to each skin comment and NOT see for themselves? are they so lazy to test skin by skin in category after category and having notes of what each skin has /is able to do /features added on it etc. to REAL JUDGE them all?????

I remember you Frogboy for example asking for MORE submitions 3 weeks ago in WA skins cause there was only 17....... don't tell me that thosee 46 exist now are too heavy for those 2 judges that they didn't had trust in their selves adn wanted to "ask for help" from people's posts...... cause if this is true, then GUIO is not a serious competition at all and don't expect in the next "series" to have more than 2-3 teams and 10 individuals to participate in a family compatition and not a worldwide event.

You can see in your left of your screen how many teams are registered to participate, and how many of them (including our team) have submited meterials....... So blame your administration or your judges as about WA Skins results and NOT THE PEOPLE who commented, suggested, discussed about skins on the skins comment on each submition.

Peace from my side and take my statement as you wish, I don't really care

That's all
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