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DeepThought did the joke, and said this:
Yes ... think this will be,
my lastpost...perhaps forever in this forum ... perhaps i´ll be back much later depends on how handle this thread!

Don´t close it ... that would be insane!
You can renameit to Winamp 3 Hoax or something,i tried to do that by myself but i wasn´t able to (180 minutes timelimit).

I had fun creating some nice (i hope so) and absolutely harmless (i know) and even working (they play mp3) Hoaxes.
I hope at least some of you had fun with them ... you can hoax friends with or delete them ... or just look at them closely (especially the second one) ...

It was never the purpose of them to fool you for very long ...
I just cannot believe why you all are3 that scared and nervous now ... there will not be a public alpha or beta of winamp 3 as ther wasn´t one for winamp 2 either (if i can remember).

I changed the file ... yes (it took me 20 minutes and look at the details!!!) ... i even put some old winamp 2 dlls in the plugins directory and changed thier date! They are useless ... but it made you believe it for a few seconds longer.

I am tired by now!

Why should i justify my little hoax ... it was just fun for me and for some of you i hope!
Perhaps anyone could put the two small files on the Net and post a link so everybody can convince for hisself!

Tja "Ratman", du bist ein Miesepeter und alter Spielverderben. Musst du wirklich alles so verbissen sehen ... du hättest sogar noch ein wenig mitspielen können oder wenigstens etwas netter und intelligenter das Geheimnis lüften können ... warum werde ich hier persönlich angegriffen.
(to be translated)

Tired ...

You should have known it was a Hoax by the first few words i posted or mailed ...

The final answer: 42

Goodbye and thanks for all the fish!

Keep on thinking ...

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