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Online Sevices cause runtime errors

Well hello there.

First, the data:
Dell Inspirion 4550 mobo
P4 2.8G & 256mb PC3200
Ati R9550
WinXP Home sp2
DX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)
Winamp 5.2 full

System is clean, no unnecessary process running, no spy- or malware, no virus/trjoan aso., no DX issues (McAfee Enterprise 7.1, Sygate Personal Firewall, AdAware, Spybot S&D, checked with Hijackthis (yes, I know how to deal with that data).

Since I've updated to 5.2, I get exceptions when clicking on any of the online services in Winamp (Winamp does not crash though).
E.g. when clicking on "Shoutcast Radio" I get error popups saying (translated from german):

There's been a runtime error.
Do you wish to start the debugmode?

Line: 464
Error: Automationserver can't create object.

It happens on ALL online services. The only thing what changes is the "line" number, it is for:
AOL XM: 159
AOL Videos: 280
Shoutcast Radio: 464 and 722
Shoutcast TV: 333
Winamp Music: 243 and 123
Singing Fish: 113 (note: error appears only after starting a search)

As this might have something to do with the shoutcast servers: I'm connecting from Switzerland.

Still, playback of streams works (using bookmarks or links from the stations websites) and as I said, Winamp doesn't crash.

I've updated first, then made a fresh, clean installation, the result remained the same.

Hope this helps you fix this, thank you and good luck! ;)
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