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Hmm... possibly related to having too High internet security settings..?

(eg. Javascript and/or ActiveX disabled for the Internet Zone)

Can you try adding * and * to the Trusted Sites zone

(Control Panel > Internet Options > Security tab)

and let us know if the problem persists?

(you may need to uncheck "require server verification (https)" first)

Note: You may also need to add * as well, though I'm not entirely sure about that (ie. one of the javascripts is hosted on the aolcdn server).

Also note that if you don't have any other sites in the Trusted Zone, then you can reset the Trusted Zone to medium-high (or even medium) level, instead of Low, and you still won't get any script errors when loading the Online Services views. The script errors will only occur when the Internet Zone is set to High security level, because that's the equivalent of putting & in the Restricted Sites zone.


Update / Addendum

It would seem that the most common cause of this problem is if is blocked at the hosts file level or by a script/ad blocker.
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