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i'll add the tooltips and the double click for ID3 info thing

very nice hammerhead
couple of things
prev button doesnt seem to work, forward does, also when forwarding thru tracks the playlist is not updated with track selection (a text colour thing perhaps?)
ok the previous button is fixed, i'll fix the text colour later.

on first start, cover, songticker, vid windows visible, but songticker section is only just visible, might be better to hide that group in that case?
i think i will either hide the video window or increase the default size of the entire window, thanks for that

avs component is slightly out of window bounds when viewing on its own, also no avs buttons?
no resize gfx on bottom right corner intentional?
windowbutton mode script would be useful on the window sizes
i'll make these changes.


seeing as the songticker info window has a lot of space (i would assume most peeps wont have the video section displayed when not watching vids, there is room to put in total playlist time)
also no option to remove cover as docked item or song info section, might be good if they were all dockable type sections
sure, i'll put in a PL time in.
hmm well the cover is currently only displayed when cover art is availiable, but i'll add a close button


the background image in the top, is there going to be a user choice for those, that would be a great addition, and include alpha slider
no redock/close buttons for dockable components (at least avs, not pld a vid yet) when undocked
gonna be a great skin
sounds like a good idea
to redock the avs/video, all you need to do is click the middle 'grip' thing. this is not entirely obvious when you open the skin, so i think i'll put in a tips window.

i am also thinking of putting small compartments in the video and avs tabs with playlists in, maybe this would increase the functionality.

also, quick question, when the video dockable window is open in the display at the top, whenever a video starts to play, the whole window resizes to fit this, but this is unwanted.. how would i script it so this does not happen?

thanks a lot
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