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Originally posted by SLoB
oh another bit on the notifier, keep getting a page error which is on top of the cover art, album cover is visible underneath, maybe 2 lines of code at that point (not looked at code)
I think lots of skins which have this sort of functionality in are having similar issues on the resize video thing, perhaps check what type of media is playing and resize on play/resume?
check the windows2006 & KAMDUI threads, think its been mentioned a few times

when switching to another skin, vid, avs windows are opened on that changed skin, could be unwanted behaviour?
ok i'll try and fix the notifier. i think i need to rewrite it though, as i used the opensource one, and i can't find attribs.m now
yeah, i'll look into the window issues a bit more. does anyone else ever have issues with Layout.OnResize()? this is never reliable whenever i try and use it to track the position of a window.

As there are some remarks and offers:
- To allocate with white or brighter color playing track in playlist.
- To force to work the button Previous.
- Add Scroll Song Ticker Options
- tooltips
- To add in the main window a new window with visualization. With the same size as avs, but divided into two equal parts In the top part to arrange Oscilloscope, a in bottom Spectrum Analyzer.
- playlist menu and playlist button with total time
- And change of a level of loudness by means of mouse scrolling

ok, i've fixed the previous button and made the current playing item stand out a bit more.
will add the ticker scrolling stuff.
tooltips: i'll do them.
vis: i'd prefer not to do that, as vis is always takes up a good amount of cpu, however if you click on the vol/pos label, the seek and vol bars turn into vu bars.
playlist menu: i'll do that.
mousewheel volume: i'll look into this, but i think this is not possible when the playlist/ml windows are present.

thanks a lot for the feedback, it's much appreciated.


edit: actually about the ticker scrolling thing, i may not include this - since the text is split in 3, i think there is sufficient space to display enough of the name.
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