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I realize the existing buttons can not be changed, but I am looking for an example of a skin that can change the existing library window. For example it is possible to program the buttons in the main window through a modern skin. What I am looking for is an example of programming the media library window, so I can set up my own buttons. Apparently from what I can see the existing skins never change the media library buttons, so either this possibility does not exist, is extremely difficult, or the details have not been released.

I realize that Winamp has grown very organically, and the documentation has not quite kept up with it. I would also like to make a button that just loads tracks from files, but the closest I have come is one that brings up the three options to load from the internet, files, or folders. I suspect the "incantation" is there, but it has not been put into the apprentice wizards manual.
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