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@ Desides
You can use the Edit Selected Item(s) feature of the Media Library to edit those fields, and they will actually be written to the Vorbis Comment tags in the actual FLAC files.
It's just that the Nullsoft FLAC plugin is based on the reference FLAC plugin from, and alas, the internal editor was/is pretty limited.
I expect us to eventually get a feature implemented similar to that of the in_vorbis editor where you can add/edit extra fields (eg. via: hide/show special fields / advanced mode).

Originally posted by .lennon
can't see filesize (Gb) in the bottom of the library window, as it usially was before. it shows only number of items & time, not the size, like this: 40672 items [116 days+20:03:52] in 3.262 sec
Oops... yeah.

Should hopefully be fixed for 5.34. Sorry.
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